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This employee tax retention credit program provides incentives to employers who have taken steps to invest in their workforce, helping them to retain long-term, committed employees who will be more productive and successful in their roles.

No Up Front Fees; No Credit Check; This is not a loan

Get money from the IRS, even if you got PPP

This is a free tax refund from the government

that doesn’t need to be paid back

ERC Advance

To receive an advanced payment, you will need to see if you qualify for an ERTC loan. Many companies and business owners across the country would rather see the cash now rather than wait nine to twelve months from now when they receive their ERTC payout from the IRS.

Is an ERTC loan right for my business?

As long as you meet the qualifications for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, you should be eligible to apply for an ERTC loan. Since your reward from the IRS will eventually be processed, you are able to receive a good chunk of that money sooner while paying interest on the loan once your claim has been rewarded.

What documents are needed for an ERTC advance?

To receive ERTC advance payment, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your business was negatively impacted by the pandemic with supporting payroll, government orders, and gross receipts, and provide Form 941 and Form 941-X for all quarters included in your ERTC filing. You will also need to show proof of submission to the IRS through a FedEx or UPS tracking number. This is the complete list of documents needed for an ERTC advance payment:

  • IRS 941’s for 2019, 2020, and 2021 (whichever is relevant)
  • Signed IRS 941x’s for 2019, 2020, and 2021 and proof of submission to IRS
  • Payroll Documents by pay period from March 1, 2020 through Sept 30, 2021
  • ERC calculation & explanation (eligibility/impact statement)
  • If applicable: PPP Forgiveness Application Draw 1 Form 3508
  • If applicable: PPP Forgiveness Application Draw 2 Form 3508

How do ERTC loans and financing approvals work?

Employee Retention Credit refunds have a turnaround time ranging from 9-12 months, but by taking out a loan on your expected tax credit — typically with interest rates ranging from 10% to 30% — funds can be deposited in 2-4 weeks.

This can be especially useful if you are needing to quickly shore up capital during trying times. Additionally, an ERTC loan can potentially have a higher likelihood of approval than other types of business loans due to the fact that your business prequalifies for a government reward.

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Bookkeeping tasks provide the records necessary to understand a business’s finances as well as recognize any monetary issues that may need to be addressed. Proper planning and scheduling is key since staying on top of records on a weekly or monthly basis will provide a clear overview of an organization’s financial health.

Prior Year Bookkeeping

1 prior year book + current year 

2 prior year book + current year 

3 prior year book + current year 

Monthly Bookkeeping

Business owners who need bookkeeping monthly plans for current year books

Bundle packages available

Annually Bookkeeping

Business owners who need bookkeeping annual plans for current year books

Bundle packages available

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There are several advantages to hiring an outside accounting firm to handle an employee retention credit application, including:

Expertise: An outside accounting firm has a team of experts who are familiar with the latest tax laws and regulations and can handle the application process efficiently and accurately.

Time-saving: Hiring an outside firm allows your internal accounting staff to focus on other important tasks, saving them time and effort.

Reduced risk of errors: An outside firm can help ensure that the application is accurate and complete, reducing the risk of errors that could result in a denied claim or penalties.

Access to latest technology: An outside firm may have access to the latest technology and software that can streamline the application process and ensure accuracy.

Cost-effective: An outside firm may be more cost-effective than hiring additional internal staff to handle the process.

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